Whole Guide to the Half Roller

Yes, the half roller is best known as a great tool for those who need extra stability and modifications—but it can also be used for a serious performance boost. This collection of recovery and performance classes is about to prove that modifications and taking your practice to the next level don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Explore these classes and start with your choice of a performance or recovery map that best meets your goals (and even your schedule, since they range from 6 to 40 minutes in length). These classes are all about enhancing and improving your MELTing overall. If you’ve been looking to fine-tune your practice, the half roller is going to be your bestie—especially for low body length and back release techniques.

The takeaway—this half roller series makes things accessible but is not limiting. Anyone, at any level of fitness or MELT expertise, will be able to find something to challenge themselves with inside this collection. Don’t yet have a half roller yet? Grab one on the meltmethod.com/store

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