Summer Strength Series

Level-up your strength workouts and improve muscle tone with videos from our Summer Strength Series. Each 15-45 minute video features challenging floor and standing exercises from our NeuroStrength Program that target specific areas of the body to build strength, tone muscle groups, and increase joint stability.

This advanced-level series is designed for athletes and experienced MELTers who want to strengthen and tone their arms, core, and booty. It’s also a great complement to any weightlifting, kettlebell training, Pilates, or yoga routine.

NeuroStrength techniques work on the deep stabilization mechanisms of the pelvis and shoulder girdle, improving muscle timing, and decreasing compensatory patterns. Performing these techniques on a weekly basis will not only create a more efficient, stable body, but they’ll also help you reduce pain and boost your performance when doing the activities you love most.

If you’re new to MELT, skip this series for now and work with our Getting Started section and Sequence Tutorials for 3-4 weeks, then explore our MELT Performance section to gradually add NeuroStrength techniques to your self-care practice.

TOOLS YOU NEED: Hand and Foot Kit, Soft Roller, and Performance Band. Note: You don’t need a Performance Roller, even if that’s what is used in the video.

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