Neuralgia & Neuropathy

Learn how to help relieve common symptoms of neuralgia and neuropathy with this custom collection designed by MELT Creator and manual therapist Sue Hitzmann. Discover how these specialized self-treatments for the lower and upper body can help alleviate numbness, tingling, or stabbing or burning sensations in your arms, legs, hands and feet, and improve your body’s overall resiliency.

Neuropathy can be caused by many things, including diabetes, injuries, chemotherapy, infections, and more. Regardless of what is causing your symptoms, it’s important to hydrate your connective tissue so that the nerves can function and fire more optimally. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with these disorders but find you wake up with numbness or tingling sensations in your hands – or you notice your grip strength is declining – these treatments can help reduce the chance of these symptoms escalating and causing bigger issues.

If you’re dealing with trigeminal neuralgia, try the Neuralgia & Neuropathy Upper Body Treatment: Part 2, as this includes a Face Treatment that will gently hydrate the connective tissue in your face and skull.

TOOLS YOU NEED: MELT Soft Roller, MELT Hand and Foot Kit, MELT Performance Band


  • Always find tolerable compression on the balls and soft roller
  • If you experience pain or discomfort, it’s a signal to ease back pressure
  • Drink water before and after MELTing
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