15-Day MELT Challenge

Learn how to make self-care a daily practice with our 15-Day MELT Challenge. Discover a carefully curated plan appropriate for all levels that will help you establish a daily MELT practice, reduce pain, boost your performance, and enhance your active lifestyle.

In this collection, you’ll practice 15 unique MELT Maps over 15 consecutive days. The maps range anywhere from 20-50 minutes in duration and alternate between treating the lower body, upper body, and full body – so you don’t have to worry about over-MELTing or under-MELTing one specific body section! Follow the pre-set video order to ensure you get the best results from your practice. The challenge starts with beginner-level classes and advances as you progress. Toward the end of the challenge, you’ll take classes from our MELT Performance Program that provide powerful techniques to increase hip and shoulder stability and improve core control. If you’re an athlete, these moves could be the missing link to boosting your performance and addressing repetitive joint injuries.

Don’t be fooled by the video names – the Running Map just might be the treatment that alleviates your low back pain, while the Desk Sentence Map might improve your golf game!

TOOLS YOU NEED: Hand and Foot Kit, Soft Roller, Performance Band, Yoga Mat. Note: You don’t need a Performance Roller, even if that’s what is used in a video.


  • Pick one consistent time per day to MELT (such as early morning or late evening) and commit to doing it daily, no matter what
  • Anticipate that you’re going to have days where you won’t feel like MELTing. Stay committed to yourself and MELT anyway
  • If you miss a day, pick up right where you left off and keep progressing through the daily maps
  • Always perform the Rest Assess: it’s how you will notice positive changes are taking place, and it will motivate you to keep MELTing daily!
  • If you’re brand new to MELT, watch the videos in the Getting Started section
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