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Skiing Prep Map

Length: 0:15:06

Perform this 15-minute map a few hours before you hit the slopes to improve the stability of your hips, knees, and low back and minimize the aches and pains you feel afterward. Using an Intermediate Lower Body Rehydrate Sequence, you’ll increase the fluid flow to your quadriceps, shins, and pelvis, and relieve tight hips through moves like Figure 4 and Drawbridge.

Help your body recover even faster by performing the Skiing Recovery Map shortly after your next skiing adventure.

LEVEL: Intermediate

TOOLS YOU NEED: MELT Soft Roller or MELT Performance Roller


  • Rest Assess
  • Shin Glide, Shear, Rinse
  • Front Thigh Glide and Shear
  • Tail Triangle Glide
  • Side Hip Glide and Shear
  • Bent Knee Press
  • Figure 4
  • Drawbridge
  • Rest Reassess

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