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Neuralgia & Neuropathy Upper Body Treatment: Part 1

Length: 0:25:41

Learn how to address common symptoms of neuralgia and neuropathy in your upper body with this 25-minute beginner treatment. Featuring restorative treatments for the hands, arms, shoulders, neck, and face, this video is also ideal for anyone dealing with neck and shoulder pain, rounded posture, or poor grip strength.

Important: Always find tolerable compression on the balls and soft roller. If you experience pain or discomfort, it’s a signal to ease back pressure.

LEVEL: Beginner

TOOLS YOU NEED: MELT Hand and Foot Kit, MELT Soft Roller


  • Rest Assess
  • Mini Soft Ball Hand Treatment
  • Forearm Shear
  • Base of Skull Shear
  • Jaw and Temple Shear
  • Gentle Rocking
  • Shoulder Blade Reach
  • Single Arm Reach
  • Neck Turn
  • Double Arm Reach
  • Base of Skull Shear
  • Neck Decompress
  • Rest Reassess

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