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Swing Sports Map 2

Length: 0:30:33

Improve the integrity and accuracy of your swing and increase hip stability with this 30-minute map. While this video is designed for athletes who play tennis, golf, baseball, softball, and other swing sports, it’s also ideal for experienced MELTers who want a comprehensive upper and lower body treatment. Alternate this map with Swing Sports Map 1 for best results.

Note: This video features a Foot Treatment using the large soft ball and large firm ball. If you experience pain or discomfort using the large firm ball, return to using the large soft ball to perform the techniques.

LEVEL: Intermediate

TOOLS YOU NEED: MELT Hand and Foot Kit, MELT Performance Roller or MELT Soft Roller


  • Foot Treatment
  • Rest Assess
  • Back of Thigh Shear
  • Outer Thigh Glide and Shear
  • Tail Triangle Glide
  • SI Joint Glide
  • Side Hip Glide and Shear
  • Rib Length Assess
  • Upper Back Glide and Shear
  • Inner Shoulder Blade Glide and Shear
  • Arm Glide
  • Outer Shoulder Blade Glide and Shear
  • Rib Glide
  • Rib Side Bend
  • Upper Back Rinse
  • Base of Skull Shear
  • Neck Decompress
  • Rest Reassess

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