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Travel Map

Length: 0:26:08

Long rides in cars, planes, or trains can leave your entire body dehydrated and just generally achy by the time you reach your destination. Perform this 25-minute whole-body map after a long or stressful day of travel to relieve neck and low back pain, hip pain, and help your whole body feel more integrated and relaxed.

Remember: Sip water frequently when traveling to help your connective tissue stay hydrated.

LEVEL: Intermediate

TOOLS YOU NEED: MELT Performance Roller or MELT Soft Roller


  • Rest Assess
  • Deep Hip Glide and Shear
  • Side Hip Glide and Shear
  • SI Joint Shear
  • Bent Knee Press
  • Figure 4
  • Rib Length
  • Upper Back Glide and Shear
  • Base of Skull Shear
  • Neck Decompress
  • Rest Reassess

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