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Lower Body Stability Sequence

Length: 0:27:09

Elevate your practice with the Lower Body Stability Sequence from our MELT Performance Program. This powerful 25-minute sequence integrates MELT Reintegrate and Repatterning techniques to increase hip stability, reduce the risk of joint injuries, and enhance your performance, no matter what your sport or activity. If you’re an athlete, add this sequence to your training routine to improve the timing of your hips and glutes, and help your lower body function optimally.

If you’re new to MELT, skip this sequence for now and work with the videos in our Getting Started section for 3-4 weeks before adding MELT Performance to your practice.

LEVEL: Advanced

TOOLS YOU NEED: MELT Performance Roller or MELT Soft Roller


  • Rest Assess
  • Deep Hip Glide and Shear
  • Side Hip Glide and Shear
  • Clams
  • Inner Thigh Lift
  • Side Leg Lift
  • Rest Reassess

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